My new Kikki K “Why not” Medium Planner. To buy or not to buy?

About two weeks ago I finally decided to order a Kikki K planner.  After watching several youtube videos on how some girls decorated theirs and made it their own I decided that I just had to get one for myself.  I was a little cautious of buying one at first just because they are pretty pricey and I hate ordering oversees, mostly because I’m impatient. (Kikki K is an Australian brand) I did look for a few cheaper dupes that I could buy in America but I just couldn’t find one that spoke to me.  My planner was one of the cheapest ones that they had and it was actually on clearance for 41.97 plus 9.95 in shipping totaling at 51.92.  It was like the longest wait ever but exactly six days later is was at my door step.  I have to say I’m very impressed.

The quality is superb!  You can tell from just the packaging that a lot of work is put into each and every planner.  It comes in an adorable box that matches the design of your planner.  In it there are just a few cards thanking you for your purchase and your planner wrapped in gifting paper.  The planner is beautiful, soft, and smells of good quality leather.  I was a little disappointed with the inserts of the planner as they were boring solid colors but the point of me buying this planner was to customize it and make it my own anyway so that didn’t bother me too much.  It also came with a note pad in the back which was also pretty plain.  There are 3 pockets in the front to hold important papers or whatever have you.  The rings are secure and line up well which is something you may not see in cheaper binder like planners.  The sticking was absolutely perfect, there was not a stitch out of place.  All in all I think that is a beautiful planner that I will be using year after year and will have a blast customizing it.  I definitely recommend everyone to invest in a Kikki K planner.

IMG_0517 IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0519

Want to see how I made my dividers and bookmarks?  Let me know!  Bye beauties ♥